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Green Computing

By Joseph Albanese
I gathered this information for a school project and it has a lot of good sources so I am posting it.

Green Computer

What is Green Computing?

According to Techopedia, green computing is ‘the environmentally responsible and eco-friendly use of computers and their resources. In broader terms, it is also defined as the study of designing, manufacturing/engineering, using and disposing of computing devices in a way that reduces their environmental impact.’ This also relates to using sufficient methods in sustaining battery life, computer life, and component life. These practices will reduce E-waste and the amount of toxins that computers can leech.

Techopedia Green Computing Description

Very practical methods can be implemented into everyday routines to conserve computer energy. This article states some very basic tips on less paper consumption, less E-waste, and less battery consumption. This information is important because everyone can use this advice easily and it has a direct benefit resulting from it.

Easy Green Tips

Some more tips relating to everyday computer users. In addition, there are some politics that are mentioned. These include, laws, regulations, and standards. Knowing that the government is getting involved proves that green computing can make a difference and that wasted energy is a severe problem.

Government Involvement with E-Waste

How do you reduce power consumption on a large scale? Sharing data efficiently is what this article discusses. Information is everywhere but can be lost and also not delivered in a fast manner unless approaches are made to reform this issue.

Large Scale Energy Conservation

This page has useful diagrams to illustrate what it means to own a computer. The consequences and external costs are surprisingly significant when viewed on a global scale.

Facts About Computer Costs

For some statistics on how incorporating green computing practices, this link to a wiki page will provide some insight into how important these practices are. There are plenty of links from the page that give more information, as the wiki is new with little amounts of data.

Green Computing Wiki

Green Computing RSS Feed

This video goes into depth about how computing energy can be preserved, what computers can do for the environment, and why green computing is important. The fact that computers can be used to digitize information that would otherwise be printed on paper and gone to waste, that businessmen can videochat instead of traveling across the world for a meeting, and how computers have saved more energy than they have used, all are supportive of how green computing is an essential practice.

Christopher Barnatt, author of

Youtube Computing Energy Conservation

Practicing Green Computing

This company sells virtual desktops and servers that are a substitute for all the computers that a business might require. A virtual server includes have hundreds of users connected to one device. A virtual desktop would allow an old computer to run the latest software. This company has been recognized with many green awards. These products are lightweight so if disposed of, would generate only a few ounces of E-waste. They also only consume a couple of watts while desktops can consume about 100 watts.


NComputing Virtual Desktop.

Storing information on servers instead of on a computer is called a ‘cloud service’. Using the cloud allows information to shared, stored, downloaded, and transferred easily. If schools implemented the cloud service, homework assignments, grades, worksheets, packets, and exercises could all just be uploaded there to be done online, or emailed back to the teacher, or printed out without having extra copies or paper copies being the only option. This significantly cuts costs and paper usage. The servers that run do exhibit heat costs and produce CO2 emissions, but at a much lesser rate than a bunch of computers or paper waste created.

Virtualization Savings

Cloud Information.

Green Cloud Computing.

The best thing about green computing is that not only does it reduce carbon footprints and conserve energy, but in some ways it can save money. Big companies doing technological overhauls can implement green technology to save energy costs that can become high for large corporations. This video explains how a device can run multiple computers with reduced CO2 emissions and also less energy.

Youtube Energy Savings

NComputing Energy Savings

Following up on the previous link, here is a short video on how the company Wyse uses a cloud client manager to reduce emissions and costs. This service allows information to be stored online securely. Instead of managing information through multiple devices and creating emissions and extra costs, this service keeps data in one source for easy access.

Cloud Client Manager

Wyse Cloud Client Manager

A smart grid for electrical connections would include a meter that displays how electricity is being used in a home and suggestions for conserving energy. This relates to green computing because this would cut down the costs for running technology. Also, smart electronics on the grid could shut down when off-peak. Conedison plans to use this method to cut down emissions and energy use.

Smart Electrical Grid

Summary of My Wiki Page

My wiki page delved into the new ecological development of reducing E-waste and conserving energy. Computers, I-pods, consoles, and printers all give off initial chemicals and CO2 emissions. But when they are dumped in landfills, they give off even more toxins that can damage the human nervous system. However, a more direct problem that can be solved with simple techniques while also reducing costs (which creates the biggest incentive for practicing these methods), is reducing heat emissions and conserving electrical energy.

The absolute easiest way to reduce energy waste is to look for the maximum battery potential of any device; this is practiced by many people for obvious reasons of making the device last longer. In a phone, reducing the brightness, taking off vibration, running minimal apps, turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and mobile data and GPS when not in use, and keeping the phone at a cool temperate are simple tips that I have practiced all the time to save battery, but that indirectly reduces CO2 emissions and prolongs the life of the device, which in turn reduces E-waste.

Other easy tips include using the cloud to store extra data from devices and link all of your information to one service. For example, if you have many devices such as computers, laptops, phones, and tablets, use a program like Google Drive or Dropbox to store data online, that way only one device is required to access this data and from anywhere. Another smart use of cloud services is implemented at ACT. By putting assignments on Moodle, there is an absence of the need for paper since they can be submitted electronically or only require the one copy and no extras since the student can print him/herself. This reduces paper costs and is a quick way to check for work for the student.

Using PDFs allows a webpage to be saved without all the junk that inhibits a clean printing job. Printing by using both sides immediately cuts paper usage in half. Turning a computer off at night reduces emissions while preserving the battery life of the device. Standby and sleep mode still sap energy. Hibernate is a great alternative to sleep mode or shutting down. This option stores the computer’s memory on the hard disk and shuts it off. Next time it is booted, the computer already has all its information ready which makes for a fast start-up without having kept it on standby the whole night. Also, prevent electronics from being charged throughout the night. It’s tempting to wake-up and see a device fully charged and even though most are smart enough not to overcharge, extra energy is still given out through the outlet and therefore is a waste of energy. Constant overcharge to a battery can hinder its lifespan. On a laptop, there are many customization opportunities to enhance battery performance and prolong life. A lithium-ion battery built in will allow longer results and also is resistant to overcharging. Laptops come with energy plans that can increase computer performance or save battery. If a program is not in use, kill it. If you are browsing the internet, reduce the energy plan you are using and switch to lower settings. On a PC, switch to basic settings instead of the energy-hogging Aero themes. Charge the battery when it reaches close to 0% and don’t stop until it is about 100% (without leaving it charging extra when it reaches 100%). This are all tips that everyone can and should implement into their lives that are easy, energy reducing, emissions cutting, cost effective, and help improve efficiency of devices.

I have discovered many of these tips for personal ownership. This is great for small scale energy reduction and savings, but we all know that the economic field determines if a green method is worth practicing. Now let’s take a look at big businesses that want to cut energy costs and how they should do so.

Virtualization allows computers to be run off of servers. ‘Virtualization is a fundamental technology for deploying cloud-based infrastructure that allows a single physical server to run multiple operating system images concurrently. As an enabler of consolidation, server virtualization reduces the total physical server footprint, which has inherent green benefits.’ If there are less units producing electrical and thermal waste, that costs will be immediately cut. This is a practice that is widely accepted throughout the green computing field. Running multiple users on one computer is another fast solution. A desktop virtualization client that can run many users at once with only a couple watts per hour is not only efficient, but obviously reduces costs. This is effective as well because employees can share information with each other easily, and an IT consultant can manage a server and mainframe with better results.

My research has granted me more insight into my major as Management Information System. This reflects my interest of working with computers, and could be something I might pursue or encounter later in life. It connects back to my group’s main topic of how energy is conserved, saved, and used. Green computing is the future of managing efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of E-waste of leaking energy.
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