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How To Block Ads

By Joseph Albanese

Ads are great for business and annoying for users. Most aren’t bothersome if they aren’t pop-ups or are littering a site. These are very simple plug-ins that take seconds to install and block just about all ads. I have installed them both on Chrome and use them at the same time with no issues. You can disable them easily and they are available for most browsers.

Ad Block Plus

Ad Block Plus ad blocking extension

Ad Block Plus

Ad Block Plus is an ad blocking extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Android mobile (recently no longer available), and Opera. It goes beyond blocking annoying ads by adding options such as disabling tracking, correcting typos, and blocking malware sites if you add those features. It allows blocking of ads in different countries and has filters for different kinds of ads that you can add to. Blocks Youtube ads.

Ad Block

Ad Block ad blocking extension

Ad Block

Ad Block is also an ad blocking extension that is available for Chrome, Safari, and Opera. It is very basic and allows filtering of ads. You can block ads based on page, domain, and URL. It also allows blocking of Hulu ads without the video crashing. Blocks Youtube ads. There is a ‘pay what you want, if at all’ way of  purchasing the add-on, which is not required.


These ad blocking extensions sound similar but are not related and are free. The author of Ad Block states that Ad Block Plus was inspirative and updates the extension full-time. This is important because new ad scripts are being written constantly, some with tracking or malicious content. Ad blocking isn’t a matter of eradicating an annoyance, but in terms of safety. Google recently deleted ad blocking apps, including Ad Block Plus, from the app store claiming they violate their policies. This is met with skepticism and controversy from the Android community, as it isn’t seen as a means of protecting developers.


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One comment on “How To Block Ads

  1. Bill
    April 3, 2013

    Ad Blocking on mobile devices also reduce your data usage. Many cell phone providers cap the data a a certain number then charge to when you go above the cap. So by using an ad blocking app on your mobile device you reduce the data it is always trying to get from the net.

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